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Granville Financial, located in Turnberry Wood, Pinehurst, NC was established in 1984 by Blanchard I. Granville, CFP®.  Blanchard is currently the longest practicing Certified Financial Planner™ in Moore County, NC. He has been an accredited Certified Financial Planner™ since 1988 and has been practicing as an investment advisor in Moore County since 1984.

Our financial roots run deep.  Blanchard started his financial career with his father, Joe Granville, and partnered with him to put out the Granville Market Letter from 1978 to 1983.  Joe was a frequent guest on CNBC and invented a stock market indicator that is widely used today called On Balance Volume.   Blanchard’s grandfather was a well-known and successful banker and boasted to be the only person to have shaken hands with every United States president from Teddy Roosevelt to Jimmy Carter during their presidency’s.  Blanchard’s great-aunt, Blanche Granville Greene, was hailed as the highest salaried woman in the world in 1927 as president of the Spencer Corset Company.

Granville Financial stands out among other financial planning firms because every financial professional at Granville Financial is family, which gives our clients greater security and trust.  The firm is made up of Blanchard’s two daughters, Noelle and Melanie, and his great-nephew, Thomas Walters.  Each professional was trained extensively by Blanchard himself over the course of their careers and in the case of his daughters, their lifetimes.  Each professional has undergone rigorous training. All three professionals have completed the education required by the CFP Board of Standards.

At Granville Financial, you have the security in knowing that we will be here for generations to come.  It’s no wonder that we have generations of clients that have placed their trust in us.

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